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Hotel Balzac Hosts Luxury Paris Photoshoot

1 December 2016

It’s evening in Paris and the streets are bursting with commuters rushing home after the day’s work. For the team at O Magazine, their day’s work has just begun. Armed with a camera and an eclectic collection of clothing, they descend on Hotel Balzac to in an attempt to capture images for their latest editorials.

Romance Au Balzac Photoshoot

Featuring collections from established and up and coming Parisian designers, ‘Romance Au Balzac’ takes you on a trip through time, as its classic designs are reminiscent of Parisian elegance through the ages. The images, shot amongst the classically fitting décor of Hotel Balzac, feature a variety of styles that have graced the French capital in the past. Like the Hotel, the collection can certainly be deemed representative of the ever-changing façade of fashion in Paris. Nonetheless, the collection emits class and luxury and possesses a beguiling demeanour, with the various camera angles assumed by Sarah Mei Chan endorsing the refinement of Kyra Passos splendidly.

Balzac Photoshoot

Photographer: Sarah Mei Chan
Stylist: Ana Ruiz
Make-up/Hair artist: Louise Parilusyan
Model: Kyra Passos

Jasmine Photoshoot at Hotel Balzac

‘Jasmine’ instils a touch of the foreign into the classically defined surroundings of Hotel Balzac; as Paris’ multicultural fashion influences are emphasised through the Asian inspired jewellery featured in the collection. Still maintaining an aura of elegance, the editorial moves away from classic designs and instead features empowering, looser fitting garments which could be likened to the influx of a more Bohemian style. With its role as a pleasure palace within Bohemian Paris during the 19th Century, Hotel Balzac manages to encapsulate the free-spirited character of the ‘Jasmine’ compilation seamlessly; and Claire Pathé and striking model Tanya combine forces exquisitely to compile a fashion shoot reflective of Paris’ rich cultural heritage.

Photoshoot Jasmine

Photographer: Claire Pathé
Assistant Photographers: Anna Hillel and Anne-Laure Gueret
Stylist: Xuan Calen
Make-up/Hair artist: Laura Julliard
Model: Tanya

Why Hotel Balzac is Perfect for Your Next Photoshoot

Paris has long been affiliated with fashion and is regarded by many as the fashion capital of the world, and Hotel Balzac is proud to work with many recognised fashion brands and magazines. The location, ambience and design of the hotel provides a great setting for a variety of photoshoots and fashion events… and we’re more than happy to accommodate a variety of requests to use our facilities.

For this latest shoot, O Magazine set out to capture both the romance and luxury that are synonymous with Parisian life… for this our hotel provided the perfect setting and we were happy to be of service.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue for a photoshoot or product launch… where the essence of Parisian luxury is essential, please get in touch on +33 1 44 35 18 00.


Hotel Balzac Reopens its Doors in Central Paris

The five-star Hotel Balzac reopened its doors to guests and diners for the first time since April. The short closure has allowed the hotel to adopt new industry standards brought about by COVID-19, and prepare a safe, luxury environment to welcome its customers back to Paris.

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Nominated As France's Leading Boutique Hotel

Hotel Balzac has been nominated as France’s Leading Boutique Hotel at the World Travel Awards. Vote for us on the below link.

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