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What’s on in Paris this March?

4 March 2016

Attend Enchanting Music Events & Fascinating Art Exhibitions During a Five-Star City Break

Spring is around the corner and so is an exceptional cultural events line-up in the French capital! This March, art fans can enjoy the opportunity to discover dozens of masterpieces in Carambolages under the glass roof of the iconic Grand Palais; uniquely curated so that each creation is linked to the next by a fascinating connection. While music lovers can look forward to enchanting piano concerts where Chopin, Debussy and Beethoven’s scores will be interpreted in the opulent, private mansion of the Musée Jacquemart-André. Both venues are located within a 15 minutes’ walk from the Hotel Balzac, in the 8th arrondissement – and are guaranteed to leave you awe-inspired with their beautiful architecture… as well as their amazing shows!


Grand Palais

2nd March – 4th July 2016

While walking through the muted rooms of the Grand Palais, you may initially feel like you’ve dived into a surprising world where hundreds of artworks are exhibited in great disorder. But then, after looking closer at each one of the pieces, you will start seeing the fine thread that links one to another – challenging yourself to find the connection between each creation.

You’ll wander between Picasso’s geometrical, asymmetrical portraits to colourful, ethnic masks collected from the farthest lands and Rembrandt’s baroque paintings. You’ll be in awe of Boucher’s bright-hued, Rococo paintings and astonished by Giacometti’s iron sculpture of a thin, elongated character – exploring their beauty as well as their poetic affinities.

In French, Carambolages translates to cannon; a pool game term that defines a stroke in which the cue ball strikes two balls successively. This technical word is being used to explain how the 185 paintings, statues, drawings are set be displayed in the Grand Palais. Each artwork leads to the next one through an artistic link – just like the first pool ball leads to striking the second one. Sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, this clever curating aims to break the barriers of traditional art and the way we perceive it. You’ll discover creations from every styles, and every part of the planet. More than a classical exhibition, you’ll experience a real artistic experiment.

Autour du Piano

Musée Jacquemart-André

Until 13th March

As you enter the vast, gravel yard of the Musée Jacquemart-André, you may notice how its exotic palm trees contrast with its Haussmann architecture. You may admire the beauty of its four-columned façade and take its short stairs – passing between the two lions sat either side of the entrance, guarding the house. Once inside, you’ll see that the museum’s interiors also juxtapose between different styles. Mixing vivid wallpapers with 17th century gold plating, it showcases a selection of classical Italian paintings surrounded by bold, art deco designs, resulting in an extraordinary venue.

Over a month and a half, the Musée Jacquemart-André will open its doors for Autour du Piano. Fourteen exceptional concerts will be dedicated to the most beautiful piano compositions within the Salon de Musique – where wooden floors and ceiling moulding surprisingly…yet elegantly, blend with the bright, pink-hued walls.

Take a seat and enjoy a glass of champagne whilst listening to incredible artists reinterpreting Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Discover (or rediscover) gypsy music, Romanian airs and Russian melodies played by gifted pianists. A travel through time and space in music, Autour du Piano will seduce you with the versatility of its varied recitals and the beauty of its performances.

In March, Paris is all about diversity. From a highly varied show at the Grand Palais, to an extraordinary, rich repertoire at the Musée Jacquemart-André, take the opportunity to explore more during an outstanding five-star stay in the French capital.


Hotel Balzac Reopens its Doors in Central Paris

The five-star Hotel Balzac reopened its doors to guests and diners for the first time since April. The short closure has allowed the hotel to adopt new industry standards brought about by COVID-19, and prepare a safe, luxury environment to welcome its customers back to Paris.

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Nominated As France's Leading Boutique Hotel

Hotel Balzac has been nominated as France’s Leading Boutique Hotel at the World Travel Awards. Vote for us on the below link.

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