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The Many Faces of the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris

Explore the Sumptuous Louis Vuitton Foundation for Exceptional Events All Year Long in Paris

With its innovative architecture, mixing glass with concrete, this contemporary monument opens its immense doors to exceptional art exhibitions and hosts some of the biggest cultural events in the city. From Jean-Michel Basquiat's colourful, engaging paintings to Nicolas Ghesquière's Summer 15 show, the gallery, which was opened in 2014, has welcomed the work of some of the most famous artists in the world. Discover a temple of modern art in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne – just outside Paris.

An Iceberg Emerging from the Woods

The first thing you'll notice when seeing this now world-renowned establishment from outside, is the unusualness of its architecture. Made from huge, sail-shaped glass panels and concrete squares, this amazing venue resembles a futuristic boat, sailing on a flat lake imitated by the pond at its feet.

This breath-taking creation is located in the heart of the vast Jardin d'Acclimatation, in the Bois de Boulogne, and cleverly blends modern design with nature. Trees and grass grow in the centre, lending their beauty to the futuristic building for an even more magical feel. Slightly hidden, the white, clean lines of the Louis Vuitton Foundation – and its forest location – make the whole scene look like an immense iceberg emerging from the woods.

This extraordinary construction pushes  the boundaries of conventional architecture and according to Frank Gehry, the man who designed it, it embodies a “magnificent vessel symbolising the cultural calling of France”.

A Temple of Modern Art

Once you've walked through the large doors of this extraordinary space for art and culture, you'll discover that – besides being a work of art in itself – the Louis Vuitton Foundation also welcomes diverse, innovative exhibitions which decorate its 8,637 square meters space.

In the past, the venue has seen its  interiors covered with Popist, an incredible show presenting the work of the most famous artists in the 20th century. Some collections housed here have included: Andy Warhol's printed paintings of daily objects, Jean-Michel Basquiat's powerful creations adorned with the artists' iconic crown, intriguing drawn faces and splashing colours, and Andreas Gursky's point of view on urbanism through beautiful photos taken from the air, showing particularly colourful scenes. A shout out about society, this exhibition has always aimed to gather daily products and images that are driven by television, advertising and the Internet since the advent of consumerist society.

A place that cherishes diversity, it has also presented many performances that allow visitors to interact with varied mediums. With its Music/Sound exhibition, the foundation has set up a show where music is integral to the work artists are presenting. Imagine an expo where video is mixed with projections, installations, wall texts and soundtracks... This is art brought to life using all of the sense, not just sight, the get their strong messages across.

A House for Fashion

Founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry – and the LV Foundation is now following in its footsteps. An impressive venue for any kind of event, the location has hosted the Louis Vuitton Summer ‘15 fashion show.

Nicolas Ghesquière, the brilliant artistic director of la maison Vuitton, adorns its interiors with huge screens where models’ faces were projected as they walked the runway. The usually white rooms were darkened for the occasion – forcing the spectators to focus exclusively on the bright shades of orange and white that characterise the womenswear collection.

From exciting exhibitions to beautiful fashion shows, this wonderful location is as diverse and innovative as the varied events it presents. Get ready to discover an unbelievable gallery, a building that always keeps you guessing and exceptional performances all at once... and just minutes away from the centre of Paris.