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A Powerful Exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo

28 January 2016

Ten Sensational Modern Artists Not to be Missed

When it opened in 2002, the Palais de Tokyo aimed to spread an air of modernity and rebellion over Paris. This building, set in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, rewrites the traditional codes by defining itself as the ultimate “anti-museum”, in the upscale neighbourhood. Now a major location of Parisian modern art, and undeniable must see of the French capital, it keeps undertaking and developing new projects. Its 22,000 square meters space and impressive architecture welcomes dozens of artists per year, who attract hundreds of visitors with their innovative, diverse talents.

From February 16th to May 19th, ten painters, sculptors and graffiti artists will seize the corridors of the Palais de Tokyo. You can wander around the immense space of the gallery to view the creations of the big names of contemporary art, or contemplate the successes of the newcomers.

Lasco Project #5

Launched in 2012, the Lasco Project’s aim has been to expose street-artists’ work. Each year, painters, sculptors and graffiti experts  take, the walls of the ever-growing Palais de Tokyo to make it their own canvas. They use this French institution as a public space and adorn it with their urban creativity.

For this fifth edition, you will discover Babi Badalov, an Azerbaijan-born poet known as one of the leading figures of the Russian underground art scene in the 90s. Badalov expresses his ideas in different mediums: painting, writing and collage. The activist artist likes to combine several languages on each of his creations to highlight the “mélange des cultures” that surrounds us. Stéphane Calais, second on the programme list, is as versatile as his peer. His process: drawing before transforming his work into diverse forms such as design, landscaping and comic books.

As you walk in the corridors of the exhibition, you’ll also discover the work of Shana Moulton who, through her psychedelic performances, describes pathetic situations with a disconcerting surreal humour.

L’aventure des détails, a Large-Scale Rétrospective

The Palais de Tokyo also chose to organise a major personal exposition of Jean-Michel Alberola, an Algerian-born painter and sculptor, which will gather some of his old work and several of his new creations.

L’aventure des détails will take you through his many pieces and inspirations. Poetic and powerful, this journey stands out with the vivid colours and sumptuous materials used by the artist, and is the first retrospective since the one at Musée de l’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, almost 20 years ago.

The Quistrebert brothers, a Mind-Blowing Duet

This spring, Florian and Michael Quistrebert will present a surprising performance. The French artists, who love to blur the mind and spirit of their visitors by drawing attention towards other dimensions, have now chosen to play with bright lights through an astonishing process.

The two brothers quote romantic paintings, 19th century engraving, early 20th century collage and the rock aesthetic of the 70s as their inspiration.

The Young Laureates

As a tribute paid to the new generation of modern art talents, the Palais de Tokyo will dedicate an entire area to three young artists respectively winners of prix SAM 2014, Canson 2014 andDécouverte 2014 des Amis du Palais de Tokyo.

A promenade through newcomers’ fascinating creations, this exhibition will take you to Louidgi Beltram’s viewpoint of the world. Through his videos shot on historical sites – like Hiroshima or Chernobyl –, he aims to show these places’ paradoxical relation to modernity and use fiction as a possible way of considering History. You’ll get lost in Simon Evans’ exploration of the emotional mapping between introspection and projection – a project inspired by the graphically illustrated aesthetic of early 20th century educational posters to the digital mapping of the 21st century. And finally, you’ll plunge deep into Sara Favriau’s 3D work. According to her, nothing happens by chance and she’d rather “add and accumulate” than withdraw material to her voluminous structures created from recycled elements.

Do not miss this rich expo and discover modern art like you’ve never see it before, whether you’re a passionate enthusiast  or a curious newcomer!


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